Few Of The Services Offered By Us

  • Power Flushing
  • Chemical Descaling
  • Radiators And Valves
  • Magnetic Filters
  • Fault Finding and Repair Work
  • Repair Leaks
Why Approach Us For Power Flushing Services?

  • More than 15 years of experience in offering uninterrupted services covering Northants and surrounding counties.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technologies to ensure that your central heating system is running efficiently.
  • Can supply and fit iron oxide filters to enhance the protection of your system.
  • Our trained engineers can offer you recommendations where required.
  • Believes in transparent modes of transactions with no hidden cost involved.
  • Offer certificate on completion so you can have complete peace of mind.

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Power Flushing
During a boilers lifetime, debris and corrosion deposits accumulate in your radiators pipework and boiler. The radiator starts rusting internally and produces black iron oxide, also known as sludge. The sludge then starts moving around your heating system which gradually blocks valves, pipes and eventually the boiler. Power Flushing is the process by which sludge and corrosion deposits are removed from within the central heating system in your domestic or commercial property.

At S R Powerflush, we undertake the complete responsibility of removing those rust and sludge deposits that have built up in your boiler and heating system. Our experienced engineers use the most advanced equipment to remove sludge and rust from your central heating so you can get a warmer home, reduced fuel bills, and reliable hot water. Power Flushing your inefficient central heating system is always a more economical option than replacing it.

    Signs You Need To Avail Power Flushing Services

  • Expensive Fuel Bills
  • Rust Marks on Radiators
  • Boiler Switching On and Off Frequently
  • Radiators Getting Cold Spots
  • Radiators cold at the bottom
  • Pipe Work Getting Hot But Not The Radiator
  • Boiler Breaking Down Frequently
  • Little or No Hot Water
  • Noisy Boiler (Banging or Kettling)
  • Boiler Not Working Efficiently
  • Radiator Taking Time To Heat Up
  • Boiler overheating
  • Radiators Not Heating Up At All
Our Power Flushing Services
S R Powerflush undertake power flushing with the utmost of care and attention with minimal disruption to your home. We simply connect to your central heating system, placing dust sheets down for safety, and away we go. Power flushing is a very clean thorough process and once the system has been completely rinsed and a water purity check has been passed, a corrosion inhibitor is added. We then disconnect the power flushing pump and turn the boiler on. Ensuring your radiators are getting hot and hot water is piping hot.Your boiler and system are now cleaner and running with much more efficiency. Thermostatic radiator valves can also be fitted and also inline magnetic filters for further protection, which we can instruct you on maintaining. We can also recommend further work if required, depending on the age or condition of the system
Few Benefits Of Power Flushing

  • Cheaper gas and fuel bills.
  • Radiators will produce more heat and boilers run silently.
  • The efficiency of your central heating system will enhance.
  • Lower risks of breakdown.
  • No cold spots on radiators.

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The Power Flush Process

  • The Power Flush equipment is set outside and connected directly to the central heating system.
  • The whole system is cleaned and taking off the radiators isn’t required.
  • An effective power flush cleaner is added to the water in the system which helps in releasing the rust.
  • To check cold spots on the radiator surfaces, the heating is turned on.
  • Water is flushed through and by vibrating cold spots on individual radiators this helps the sludge release rapidly.
  • Magnetic filters are fitted to collect the sludge flowing from the radiators.
  • Pipework and radiators are power-flushed thoroughly to ensure the water is pH neutral and clean.
  • Once the system has been cleaned, an anti-corrosion inhibitor is added.
  • A certificate is issued upon completion and annual central heating system servicing is recommended.
Cost Of Power Flush
The price charged by S R Powerflush is kept to a minimum so that customers having various budgets can make the most out of our services. The cost of powerflushing 8 radiators is £400. For every additional radiator or coil, we charge £25. After every radiator is completed, the water is checked for purity.

Further Works
Our focus is always on rendering premium-quality services to our customers both during and after the power flushing process has been completed. Here are few ways through which we slow down the effects of sludge and also enhance your systems efficiency:

Fit Magnetic Filters
Passing water through magnetic filters helps in reducing the effects of hard water. Being a non-chemical alternative, it is treated to be quite safe. Iron oxide or corrosion filters are also fitted to protect your system better. These filters are sourced from leading manufacturers so that the life of your heating system and boiler can enhance. Experienced engineers carrying out the work are Kamco trained and have a vast wealth of knowledge about the power flushing and heating industry.
Fit Thermostatic Valves
We fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves on the side of your radiators which help In regulating a comfortable temperature throughout your home.The valves help in controlling the temperature of individual rooms so you can get better comfort and convenience. The Thermostatic Valves fitted by S R Powerflush are energy-efficient so you can have complete peace of mind. The boiler can fire even when the valves are closed.
System Balancing
Ensuring that each radiator gets hot and the heat is distributed evenly from your boiler . The radiator valves are adjusted accordingly allowing the convenience and efficiency from your boiler and system.

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